I am unapologetically passionate about organizing. I love all kinds of organizing; kitchens, closets, small business offices, filing cabinets, garages, storage sheds, you name, it I like to organize it. I know that for some people that's just weird, and that's okay. This world is big enough for all of us to fit in. In order for me to be able to do what I love to do, there have to be people who don't like it at all. They're the ones I'm looking to help.

I knew from a young age that I liked to have things just so, and luckily my mom liked things just so as well. I often have wondered if this quirk of mine was fostered from nature or nurture. Whichever it was, it followed me throughout my life and throughout my work years as an Administrative Assistant (clerk in the old days) I loved cleaning out and reorganizing the departmental office supply cabinet or room. Give me a jumble of half empty staple boxes, paper clips dumped out and haphazardly sorted supplies and I was a happy girl! It brought me such joy and satisfaction to take a huge mess and make sense out of it. More importantly, my supervisors always remarked that they had never seen such an organized cabinet/room. Made me puff up with pride!! Not only was it easier to find the supplies you needed, but it saved the companies money because they didn't end up reordering supplies that we already had, but didn't know were there.

I have been married for almost 40 years to a wonderful man who likes things organized as much as I do. He just goes about it in a different way, and again, that's okay. Just as there are different kinds of "collectors", there are many different ways to go about the organizing process. We have two great adult children who have been out on their own for awhile. We also have an adorable grandson and and equally adorable granddaughter that we love with all our heart! I'm sure that when my kids were little, I drove them crazy with having them clean and reorganize their rooms and I've apologized to them (I think!).

Later in life, I went back to school to become a Preschool Teacher, and after enjoying that career for almost 12 years, I have retired. While teaching at the school, I once again found myself as the go-to person when it came time to clean out our storage shed, supply cabinets and the teacher's library resource books. If you've ever seen a great preschool room, you know that having things categorized is a must when it comes to teaching children how to clean up and put toys back where they got them.

Organization has filtered it's way into all aspects of my life. My hobbies, gardening, scrap booking and card making are other avenues where I get to use my organizational skills.

This ended up being longer than I meant it to be, but as I found my voice for describing myself and my reason for doing what I do, I found that there are so many facets of my personality and my history that have made me into the person that I am. And that's just the way it is.

So if you have an area of your life or home that you just don't know how to get under control, you can reach out to me on the contact page of this blog or you can contact me through the following methods: (Don't you love technology? So many ways to communicate. . .)

 Or simply pick up the phone and call me!!


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